Awesome Educational Blogs


I wanted to take a minute today to give you all a list of Educational blogs that I, personally, enjoy and find useful:

1. Learning Is Messy: This blog is all about how learning and teaching do not always follow a nice predictable pattern.  It’s a great reminder that sometimes things just don’t always go as planned, but what is important is that the children get it figured out in the end!

2. The Organized Classroom: This is a great resource for ideas on running an efficient and organized classroom.

3. The Polka-dotted Teacher: This teacher is super creative and gives lots of ideas about adding fun, color, and creativity to your own teaching.

4. Teach 123: This is a been-there-done-that teacher’s blog.  Michelle (the author) shares experiences and tips with other educators!

5. Kleinspiration: This teacher highlights uses in technology (she has a business background) and traditional teaching.  She is quite insightful.

I hope you enjoy these and please post your own favorites in the comments!


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