Common Core Standards in Wisconsin


As parents and educators, we are all (hopefully) aware of the fact that the State of Wisconsin implemented the Common Core Standards (CC) this past school year. This was a big change for the school system, and one that has sparked a lot of controversy. While it is not my goal to upset any of my readers, I feel the need to share some of my thoughts and opinions regarding CC. All over the internet, it is possible to find lists of the wonderful things the CC will do for our children…it is ALSO possible to find lists of reason why people hate CC. I will start by saying that I can actually distance myself from this to some extent because my husband and I send our daughter to a Christian based private school and our son will eventually go there as well. Because the private schools do not have to follow these standards (even if the state adopted them), I feel like we have been let off the hook–thank goodness.

From my last statement, I’m sure you can all see that I am against the common core standards. This is not something that I say lightly, because there are definitely some positive things (ie: they are intended to make us more comparable to other countries; help teachers develop professionally; assessments are meant to help track an individual child’s progress versus comparing the child to his / her peers; students have to come up with their own ideas and defend them in these assessments rather than the standard multiple choice questions); however, the negative outweigh the positive in my opinion.

While I can see why some distort things to see a positive side, the negatives are deal-breakers for me. I’m completely against starting as early as pre-k with academic rigor. Children today do not have the same luxuries we had growing up and I vehemently oppose pushing them so hard at a young age. These standards also lead to more high-stakes testing when I think our kids are tested to death already. Students with special needs are not properly accommodated and there really is such a thing as too much technology. These standards would require schools to upgrade to all kinds of new technology and would make a lot of the current materials (books, etc.) outdated. I also don’t like that states that originally had higher standards than normal were forced to lower their standards so that they are all the same. There is just something wrong with that.

The CC is simply another governmental implementation that will eventually pass and another reform will begin. Just as the No Child Left Behind act was an epic fail, my predictions are that the CC standards will be left by the wayside as soon as new government enters the equation. Unfortunately, in the meantime, our children and educators will be the ones left to suffer the consequences of these standards.

Check out what these websites have to say about CC:

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For love of CC (This article is very pro CC, and I do not agree with it, but I figured I should share it with you all anyway!)

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