Real-Life Applications…


Hello and welcome to mathisfunforeveryone.  As stated in the heading, this blog is for an online math course I am taking this summer which is aimed at teachers and future teachers.  This week we have been working on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers.  I have to say that I enjoyed this week a lot more than the first, simply because I found a real-life application.

I have a little girl who is just beginning to learn about the concept of doing “math.”  We are obviously starting with addition, and this weeks readings, videos and homework has been fun for me mainly because I have been able to apply it to helping my daughter. A lot of what we worked on in the course (properties, models, sets, etc.) is much too advanced my little one; however, the main concept of showing students-through the use of manipulatives- how the math breaks down has been extremely helpful for us at home.

During my mini-lessons with my daughter, we have been using candy (something she definitely relates to and loves) to learn how to add small numbers.  I give her a handful of candy and we work on “If I have three pieces of candy and you give me 2 more, how many pieces of candy do I have now?”  She caught on very quickly and I was able to introduce equations and show her how they relate to the pieces of candy we had started out using. I picked up some fun worksheets here that really helped us along.  I was very pleased with seeing such quick results from such a fundamental concept through this week’s assignment.  I even decided to download a new math app on my phone and tablet that lets her practice her addition complete with music and an applause when she gets the answers correct.

In short, the thing I hope to gain most from this course is the real-life application of the concepts we’re learning.  Math is such an abstract form to so many people (truthfully, myself included), that I really hope to find a way to make it more user-friendly.  This week was a great start for this and I really hope that I will be able to continue with this! As any parent knows, things generally seem more worthwhile when you can find a way to use it to help your own kids out!Image


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